Hair Braiding Style TwentyOne

Sew in Hairstyles are hair extensions techniques that can be achieved by using human or synthetic hair. The sew in hairstyles are tightly sewed in unto the cornrow braids against the scalp or against a wave cap.

Many black or African-American women prefer sew in hairstyles over wigs because the sew in looks more natural. In the recent years, individuals have come up with many ideas for sew-in hair extensions. Some women make sew-ins into a wave cap to create their own wigs. What’s the purpose you asked? They are able to make it their own.

Some women sew the hair into a U-PART WIG. A sew in U-part Wig is a wig that is sewn into a wave cap leaving a U-Shaped hole to display the natural hair. Thus leaving out the U-part give the sew in hairstyle a more natural look.

Using the same sew in a wave cap method: Full sew in hairstyles can be achieved (full wigs). A FRONT LACE CLOSURE can also be done.


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June 18, 2016


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